Samara’s Discoveries


Baker’s Balm – A bright turquoise potion made from boiled Shock Fish Fluid and raw Shadow Shark Ink. Not a balm, for oral use only. Good for healing bad burns in a limited area.

Druids Brew – A completely clear potion made from Scramble Bramble and Glittersnow. Sweetened with Songberries to counter the toxins in the Bramble. Tastes like freshly mown grass. Helps treat non-malicious compulsions from magical build up.

Degaussing Fluid – A pitch black potion with sparkling Candy Rock floating in it. Good for removing magnetism from people who have a little too much. Made from Shadow Shark Ink and Gold Scale Guppy Poison.

Hair Loss Tonic – An unappetisingly thick and hairy concoction of Vampire Venom and Mermaid’s Gift. Suggested to be served sweet and as quickly as possible to avoid gagging.


Mayor Tolbem (he/they) – The current mayor, very nice, seems glad to have a witch about again.

Gottrey Mapleby (he/him) – A rushed baker, always on the go!

Omer Ponnal (he/him) – A farmer who is prone to frequent breaks and bouts of stoneworking.

Cyril Short (he/him) – An apprentice farrier, big fan of liver and onions.

Other Characters

The witch (she/they) – I don’t know much about her yet! Nobody seems to know where she’s gone, and I’ve only had a brief glimpse from a vision of the past.

Molmurra (they/them) – A dwarf fisher who has helped me out in the past. cheerful and friendly, they’re amazing at fishing!

The Elf (they/any) – A beautiful figure in the Glimmerwood Grove, I’ve offered them friendship and they said they’d take me up on it when I was more powerful.

The Letter Writer (unknown) – A mysterious person who is sending me letters using the sealed bottle I sometimes find in the Meltwater Loch.

Ash the Giant (she/her) – A quiet and gentle giant who lives with Willow, Ivy, and Holly, near the Loch. They all feel they are outsiders even among their own because of their relationship.

Willow the Giant (any pronouns) – Loud, energetic, and outgoing, Willow lives with Ash, Ivy, and Holly.

Ivy the Giant (ze/zir) – Saved with a potion from hurting zir family. Ivy is thoughtful but prone to worry, zir lives with Ash, Willow, and Holly.

Holly the Giant (they/she) – Mischievous and careful, Holly is prone to good-natured jokes. Lives with Ash, Willow, and Ivy.