What’s in a name?

Hiya all,

This one’s going to be a bit short, just some ramblings about my name.

You may guess that the name I’m leaning towards is Sammy, hence Blogging Sammy as in the Sammy of Sammy’s Blog. Makes sense?

Sammy is the feminine derivation of my legal name, Samuel. I usually go by Sam, but I’ve been going for Sammy where I can. Now that I’ve got some of the ol’ social medias the kidz love I’ve got a Blogging Sammy Twitter, Reddit, Amazon, and Google accounts. I’ve not gone for a Facebook because of the issues where Facebook will out you to relatives by suggesting your new profile to them. I do have a Facebook under my legal name that I rarely use.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Sammy, though. It’s the easy and obvious choice, Samuel to Sam to Sammy, maybe it stands for Samantha? I’ve read a lot of tips that say it’s tricky when you go by a feminine version of a name that has a masculine version because people will “guess” your deadname. This will be the case even if it wasn’t your deadname, for example if I chose Roberta people would assume my name was Robert. This may not be a big problem unless you encounter an asshat, and unfortunately so many people are asshats.

So Sammy may not be the best name to go with. It’s also difficult to convince families you’re serious if they can just keep calling you your nickname, in this case Sam.

But if I wanted to change my name what would I go with?

I’ve had a look, I’ve run some name generators, and I’ve not found anything that sticks. I’m sure there are names out there (feel free to send in suggestions!) that I will fall in love with, but I’m just too used to Sam and like Sammy enough.

Sammy does feel a bit embarrassing. It’s tough because it’s the diminutive form of my name as well, there’s a vague mocking dismissive air with it, like you’d use to condescend someone. I’ve had it used with me in that way in the past and it’s still kind of stuck around, so there are some slight negative connotations when people use it.

On the other hand changing my name is going to be a big step. Saying that when I legally transition I’ll have to change my name from Samuel to at the least Sam anyway, but getting everyone to remember a new name is a big step, and a big commitment. I’m also a massive coward and am worries I’ll fall out of love with a name as it’s used, and worse come to regret picking it.

There’s a good joke; there are 3 people who use name generators: new parents, D&D players, and trans people. It’s not far off, I’ve used them extensively for D&D characters. I’ve tried to look at names from my birth year to give me hints as to “appropriate” names I would have had if I were born the right gender. Downside is that I grew up with people born the same year as me, and a lot of the names that were popular were popular for a good 10 years either side, so I know people with those names.

When picking a name a big rule is to be careful that if you do that you’re at least aware of people who share that name with you. I feel it would be really weird if I changed my name to the same as someone I know, I feel they’d take it weirdly themselves and be thinking “Did they pick my name? Did they pick it because of me?” and that’s strange.

I also wouldn’t want to be named after someone who was a pain in the ass! I’d never be able to look myself in the mirror and call myself whole bunch of names I won’t go into for fear of insulting people who may read this one day……

That’s about all I’ve got really, questions without good answers. Should I change my name? If so then what the hell to?

With love…..


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